Every semester, Screenshot: Asia sponsors a live performance and silent film screening in a series called SCREENSHOT: SILENT ASIA. Today, artists are revisiting older films and adding new material, changing the mode of viewership (from a Nickelodeon to an art theater, for example), the format (often, from 35mm to a digital restoration), and other crucial elements. SCREENSHOT: SILENT ASIA is taking advantage of film restoration and new live performances to help Pittsburgh re-engage with old films in new ways.

Upcoming performances include:

  • A Korean pyeonsa (narrator) performance and stage show with a screening of the silent Korean drama Crossroads of Youth 1934. This is scheduled for November 2022.

Recent performances include:

  • A live benshi (Japanese film narrator) performance with the 1931 Japanese film Jirokichi the Rat with pianist Tom Roberts
  • A screening of the 1924 Chinese film The Goddess with a live score by New York composer Xiao Min Phen, accompanied by Rez Abbasi.
  • A screening of the 1929 Indian-German co-production, A Throw of Dice, with a new score by jazz composer Rez Abbasi, accompanied by the Silent Ensemble band